Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Multicultural Moment for Today

I had just dropped my niece off at her Summer Theater Camp session, and I was turning the corner onto Magnolia St.

I blinked to make sure I was seeing right: a rather large group of Asians (Japanese tourists? a family out for a cholesterol-heavy homestylee lunch?) were streaming out of the legendary Paris Coffee Shop--which is nothing to do with Paris, Parisian cuisine, French style and has everything to do with sustaining the downhome Texas cafe tradition of fresh fruit pies (by the slice!), chicken fried steak, and Whites at the tables/Blacks in the kitchen. Haven't eaten there in years, though I pass it daily, scorning its cheesy, misdirected (unfortunately) exterior mural and seeing people of color only when it's staff (kitchen crew) hanging out by the back door having a smoke.

ANYway--I imagined what those Asian folks might have thought of the place.

Fort Worth wants to break out of a too-tight Bible belt chokehold on ethnic diversity and inclusivity in all public realms.
Let's see it happen.

I said it before and it'll be on a t-shirt before long: Fort Worthwhile: Let's Make It!

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