Thursday, October 06, 2005

"Bring 'em Home" demonstration - Friday, October 7th - Arlington, TX

[Thanks to Desiree Fairooz for the following announcement. For more information, please call 817-521-7856 OR 817-468-3069.]

Friday October 7, 2005
Matlock and Bardin
Arlington, TX
(parking available at Radiology Associates or Starbucks)

Signs provided but new ones encouraged. See ideas below. Bring your friends! Bring your kids! Bring your grannies! We'll be handing out mini-flyers about the spontaneous vigil when U.S. fatalities reach 2000. Please come and help. Media will only come if you do too!


Ideas for signs or chants:

US Out of Iraq! Let them have their country back!

This Occupation is a crime - George and Rummy should be doin time

Bring all the troops home now, No WMDs were ever found.

They stay and fight for Bush's lies, and every day another dies...

Money for Jobs and Education, Not for War and Occupation!

Bush and Cheney did the killing while their friends do the drilling!

Power to the Peaceful!

Out of Iraq, We need our troops back!

U.S. out of the Middle East - We the people, we want Peace!

Make Wetlands, Not War. Oil is NOT worth dying for!

CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace and peaceful citizens say, “Bring ‘em on home not bring ‘em on”. On July 3, 2003 Bush vowed to stay in Iraq despite attacks on our troops. Then he posed the challenge to those who would attack us, “My answer is bring ‘em on.”

Most recently when confronted by Cindy Sheehan, his answer has been “Stay the course.” However the American people are unhappy with his course of action. According to an ABC News Washington Post poll from September 8-11, 2005, 62% of people polled disapprove of the way Bush is handling the situation in Iraq.

According to CNN/ USA Today/ Gallop poll 60% of the people polled consider withdrawing our troops from Iraq either now, or if the number of troops killed becomes too high. For those of us who understand the devastation of war this number is already too high. Also, 53% of the same group polled thinks it was a mistake sending troops to Iraq in light of developments since we first invaded.

The purpose of this vigil is to raise awareness and motivate people to hold our government accountable. We want people to be aware that they are not alone. The sentiment of our country and the world are on their side. The mainstream media has turned a blind eye to the peace movement so we feel we have to stand out on this street corner to let our neighbors know about it. It must be made clear that our elected officials have forgotten that they are public servants who work for us, the people. The President says he doesn’t govern by polls. Instead, he has governed by poor judgment and misinformation at best. Evidence has shown that most likely, he has governed by lies and deceit (9/11 Commission Report, Downing Street Memo, Dulfer Report). It is time for all Americans to wake up, stand up and hold our government accountable.

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