Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Three truck accidents - in one day in FW

While eating my brunch today, I turned on the tube to watch the noon news. Not one, but TWO, truck accidents had happened in a single 12-hour period. And they were both in central FW, one on I-30 (at Forest Park Blvd.) and the other on I-20 (at McCart Ave.). Later in the day, while driving from Wedgwood MS (where i teach writing and performance), I heard about yet ANOTHER truck accident in the city. In one case, there had actually been a chemical spill.

If three truck accidents can happen in one inner city on a single day, what are the chances of a radiation exposure/spill happening in an accident involving a vehicle transporting radioactive waste? It might be a good idea to consider how freely we let haz mat-carrying vehicles traverse our inner city roads--where human population density increases the likelihood of mass exposure to harmful toxins. It might be a good idea to read this and this. One quote from the Lone Star Sierra Club report is pretty ominous: "...Texas does not have a good truck driving record - in fact, in 1993, was number one in the U.S. in total number of large trucks involved in fatal crashes."

To read more about the truck accidents that happened in Fort Worth today, go here.

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