Wednesday, September 27, 2006

- Devin Adams - que descansas en paz -

(oh, friend, the day was not quite what i told you it would be.)

I got the tragic news that another friend, a very young (early 20s)woman, performer & singing musician, died. Devin Adams was a friend and collaborator who lived & played here in FW. I got the news at 5:30pm yesterday. After teaching the kids.

I cried outloud in a parking lot and looked to the sky for answers. Devin was in San Francisco when she was in some sort of bicycle accident. Her email name was ==> AUTONYMY STAR. Very fitting. A bright light for many of us.

I went to the Tejano Democrats thing and drank beer and kept to myself, and then went to a poetry open mic (the car seemed to drive itself....and i had the blues station on REALLY loud--"Whiskey, Take Me Home Tonight"--and the breeze was mysteriously cold.

I saw the sliver moon and dedicated it to my beloved friend. At the open mic, I was the first to speak. I actually sang my song "My Final Resting Place" and spoke of sliver moons and Devin and beauty.

Other poets in the room remembered Devin, and shared their reminiscences.

I will start an ofrenda to Devin on Saturday on my front porch.

release my
white knuckled
hands from the throat
of my day and giggle
and squirm as sunrise and
I begin foreplay. Seducing me
slowly she tickles my toes, her
light kisses the small of my
back and my mind's garden grows
while shivers they creep up my spine
and I drink in the air like a fine French wine.
I breathe in like I'm drowning in my bellies deep
deep sea like it's my last chance my last breath to be free

and I smile
and moan with delicious
delight as life penetrates me
magical magentas, bequesting blues, grappling greens
it's a passionate scene, me out of breath, raptured sweaty limbs
intertwined into every space of time because each imperfectly perfect moment
is the bed I will lay
as I make love to each and every day.

- a poem by Devin Adams


[The Briefcase] said...

I knew Devin Adams and I can read exactly what your post does and does not say-- the woman literally changed my life and showed me an amazing light. i went to southwestern adventist university and we met during a struggling period in my life. i'm so glad that i found your blog. i've really been bottling so much inside because no one else knew her. oh god... i probably don't make sense. do you do poetry? i'm not sure but maybe i heard your poetry once at the firehouse gallery in fort worth when devin played? well, i'd really love for you to write me back.

sunlit doorway said...

hello, are you Israel? are you in Arkansa or Nebraska now? there will be a tribute to
Devin (with music and painting) in the
coming week; if you want details lemme know.
yep, i've done stuff @ the Firehouse several times.
the ladeez did something for Devin there on
friday night past. a drum circle.

glad you found me here.

The International Chef of Mystery said...

do you have any of devin's other poems? where can i read them?

[The Briefcase] said...

i'm actually in nebraska now. have we met before? but i don't think i'm financially or emotionally capable of attending a memorial. however i would like to know when it'll be and maybe i'll be able to join in thought and love.

zanado said...

I would love to know more about plans for Devin. There are a lot of people my way who love her and would like any info they can get.

*laura said...

i knew devin, too. it just doesn't make any sense...

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for posting about my beautiful, darling daughter. Her voice rings in my heart and head.

Her light lit my life...Her love illuminates even now.

Devin's mom