Sunday, December 17, 2006

2007 SLINGSHOT ORGANIZERS now on sale in FW

2007 Slingshot Organizer mixed colours, 1/4 size, paperback, 160 pages (6 oz) - $6.00
2007 Slingshot Organizer, large size (10 oz) - mixed colors, 1/2 size, glossy cover, spiral bound - $10.00

Geez, you don't have one of these yet?!?! It's a handy calendar and day planner, a zinester's best friend! Plan your days, one at a time, with plenty of room to scrawl notes on a calendar that will fit in your pocket. Includes space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical leftist groups around the globe, a menstrual calendar, info on police repression, extra note pages, and much more.

Not only is it the coolest thing to carry around in your tote bag, but it's also an informative guide to the People's History of the World. Includes popular activist and alternative cultural holidays and important protests as well as historical landmarks.

This organizer is sold as a fundraiser for SLINGSHOT, the radical newspaper from Berkeley. A small percentage of all sales here in FW will go towards supporting the 1919 Hemphill Community Space.

WHERE can you buy your 2007 SLINGSHOT ORGANIZER?!?!

1. At the SPIRAL DINER, the popular vegan eatery on Magnolia Street,

or just

2. Phone Cri ('Cree") at 817.966.0669, and he'll make sure one gets to you.

It'll make a NIFTY Chinese New Year's giftie. Cash only, please.

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