Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Poem #16 of 365

you prefer to confront
and i like to whisper
into the conch of their mind

you prefer to hammer
and i do the tapping
as finger on heart

you prefer to threaten
and i give them words
on a forgiveness receipt

how we fight our battles
how we storm our love

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez


la mala said...

I am so glad you are taking on the challenge of 365 poems in 365 years!

I tried this a couple of years ago as a dare with a fellow poet. Lucky me, I ended up doing a two week road trip through Mexico that supplied me with all kinds of inspiration!

And once I removed the fear and dread of doing one piece a day, as soon as I opened up, I received 2 to 5 per day.

What a fountain you'll be! Congratulations warrior.

a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

Did I write "365 days in 365 years"?
Honey, I'm a little more prolific,
productive, than that....

Thinking about it, I'd have to say that lately (3-5 years) I might average between 20-40 poems a year.

So, to attempt 365 in one year is gonna really take me off the chart.

vamos a ver...

a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

Oh shit, I just typoed: "365 days in 365 years". That would be hype: year-long days full of four seasons.
Think about it.....

enough with the numbers already.