Friday, October 05, 2007

Poem #278 of 365

Find the man who held my hands
weeping for justice after the Rodney King verdict.

Find the man who kicked a car
as I clung to him top-speed on a Harley.

Find the boy who returned from Amsterdam
chubby but smitten, though I rebuffed him.

Find the kid who averted my gaze
saying he was afraid to see my third eye.

Find the cherub who sang Sherpa greetings
when I hiked down from seeing Everest.

Find the man who showed me the alleyways
and tundras of my sex.

Find the filmmaker who dragged my bag over
for the nonexistent contraceptives.

Find the blonde who snapped me nude
on the Zipolite beach one sunny afternoon.

Find the hippy who leaned over in Taos
and told me he liked my vibe.

Find the poet who had the funny piece
about his grandfather with a flyswatter.

Find the chef who smiled in New Orleans
and told me he liked my reading.

Find the Indian who drove around the plaza
repeating, Tammy Gomez is in town.

Bring them to my circle,
those who you find,
and we'll burn fire bright
and remember our histories
and compare our brilliance
to the sparks in the flames.

Time has separated you
from me, him from thee,
yet roads continue to
sprout which reconnect
us again once more,

(after meeting Tunde and talking with him for two hours before realizing that we had known one another in an earlier time in this very town--yet so long ago and so far away...)

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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