Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The word is spreading like word-fire! From Dallas to Houston, folks are making plans to attend our FIRST ANNUAL (yes, there'll be more like this) PALABRAZOS FESTIVAL of literary performance. Save your Friday night for us!


Palabrazos 08 will be the first in a series of annual festivals organized for the purpose of unveiling, promoting, and
celebrating the most exciting achievements in performance poetry and spoken word.

For this inaugural event--to happen Friday, May 9th, 2008 at Embargo Bar (210 E. 8th) in downtown Fort Worth, Texas--
an explosive bill of touring and local performers will be presented. Verbobala, based in Cuernavaca, Mexico and Arizona, will travel to Texas to headline Palabrazos 08.

“The idea is to sample everyday life like a DJ samples a record. Our pieces are basically big remixes, putting together voices and images from where ever we’ve traveled,” says Verbobala frontman Logan Phillips. “The audience should come expecting something really unique. Digital storytelling in Spanglish isn’t nearly as common as it should be.”

In addition to Verbobala, local performing writers Gabo Montemayor, Priscilla Rice, Rodrigo Pessoa, Tammy Gomez, Mi Lengua Nopal, and Cesar Hernandez will present new multimedia works in literature.

Post a comment w/ your questions, etc., about PALABRAZOS 08, coming to your senses on Friday!!

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