Monday, January 19, 2009

817 FLAVORS -- it's a wrap, folks_success in the city

[the crew of EIGHT HUNDRED SEVENTEEN FLAVORS, relieved and happy, after our first live taping on Sunday, Jan. 18th in FW]

says co-producer Cesar Hernandez: all the cats who worked with us...independently as strict profecionales...couldn't/wouldn't have been as smooth as it was...all the audience members that came out were graciously patient...intrigued i hope...see you on TV.

says camera operator John P: The show went great and it couldn't have happened without everyone working as a team. Until next time....

says co-producer Tammy Gomez: oh, wow, how to begin. house was packed. folks in the good vibe, and all the cameras set to roll, with content that pushes people beyond any self-created boundaries so we push to a new re-created boundless concept of comunidad. theater meets music meets grassroots activism meets visual arts meets talk in the street. a very good time was had. we gave away an Eaton Lake Tonics cd, a Crystal Casey cd, and 7 tickets to the next Q Cinema film screening.
talk about promoting local arts and artists. we doin' this 360 degree-style. puttin' you on top...just wait 'til this joint is thrown up on the 31. canal treinte y uno, amigas y amigos!


natalia "nati" dominguez
mark "theater jones. com" lowry
rodrigo "on the street" pessoa
suzette "go green! green go!" rangel
carlos "dj sol*los" juarez
tony "goodwin" diaz
tay, syntax strange, cristina, crystal casey, tony ferraro, john p,, todd and Kyle, kelsie torres-pelham, FW Cable Television's Rick Leal, doro garcia, ramiro, and Arts Fifth Avenue!

TOGETHER, we makin' the fort aka cowtown aka 817 show the flavor of its true selveseseseseseseses.

love ya truly!

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