Thursday, February 19, 2009

V-DAY Fort Worth approaches - save the date: March 21, 2009

It's amazing how fulfilling all these hours of volunteer organizing can be for me. I sit and incubate ideas, reveling in the possibility of bringing mujeres, girls, grrls, b-girls, songstresses, and others together for a full-on 100% grade-A womanist event in the 817.

The likes of which i have never experienced nor organized in kowtow(n) ever before. And i am truly psyched up.

Every day i meet a new woman, a new comadre (learn that word, dear gents), another member of the sistren of this city with whom i can collaborate, celebrate, divinate a more positive future for we of the xx chromosomal tendency.

I was several weeks ago languishing in an activist paralysis, wanting to make the right decision about whom should help kick-off the MAINSTAGE presentations at Casa Man~ana, where i'll be emcee-ing for 5+ hours. Then, as if a wind could bring a 21st century mary poppins to my doorstoop, a special woman showed up online, with a "friend request" on myspace. Asani Charles arrived, singing "Amazing Grace" in Choctaw, and doing spoken word like the best of the national-scene slam poets. I accepted her as "friend" and she accepted my invitation to be onstage for the WELCOME.

And Brazen Bellies, a multi-generational bellydance/tribal dance group, also greeted me with interest to grace our stage. And
Marcy Paul, who just happened to be in her office at the YWCA on a Saturday, has answered the call to join us. And others
have been summoned, women I emailed or phoned on a hunch: Kimberly of SOA (Starting Over Again), Sarah McClellan (fortworthfeminism blogger), Lindsey of Tolstoy House, and doctoral student Laura Seay who has observed the devastation of femicide in Congo--she's driving up from Austin to share her stories of the women in that African locale of horror and survivor courage.

This first-ever Whole Woman Festival promises to be an event of epic proportions. "Never doubt a woman, at least not to her face." I quote myself when no other words will do.

Okay, here's the scoop, my friends:

If you want to be in on this spectacle of March 21, go to our website: and check out the links.

Please help us with outreach and promotion by telling all the women (and girls) you love about this Festival.

We have a "general" downloadable flyer on the website, which you may print off and distribute at will.

The dozen or so of us coordinating this confab are all madly scrambling to finalize the schedule of all our participants and contributing artists--it's a massive list of about 100 women.

The complete schedule will most likely be available on the website very soon. I do think, though, that the programme we distribute on the day of the event will contain all the info an attendee would need.

In brief, let me tell you what we will be presenting at this FIRST TIME IN FORT WORTH festival:

an art exhibit of work that is pro-woman (created by men and women);

vendor tables (of woman-owned businesses);

daytime musicians (who will perform in the outer or main lobby);

a "wellness" area which will consist of scheduled mini-sessions of tai chi and yoga, and a few other interactive practices;

a "red tent" area which will focus on spiritual meditation, open circle sharing and revealing, testifying and healing;

the mainstage presentations (the area i'm overseeing and emcee-ing) of women speaking, ranting, chanting, dancing, showing video, and singing. a variety show by women for women (and girls);

the evening presentation of "The Vagina Monologues" at 7:30pm;

followed by the Afterglow reception (which usually consists of soft music, chocolate, wine/champagne, and very happy women who have just finished a long day of activating one another).

As you can imagine, this will be hard to describe fully in one, if you can, spread the word to your family and kindred spirits. the more, the merrier.

The only section of the festival that is NOT free is the "Vagina Monologues" show, which will be the only ticketed event. Tickets are $15 each.

Of course, other things will be for sale or donations will be sought (for SafeHaven, Battered Women's Foundation, and the women/girls of Congo, Africa) it will be good for attendees to bring extra $$.

Join the excitement and please SAVE THE DATE:

Saturday, first day of Spring 2009 - March 21st !!

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