Monday, March 16, 2009

WHOLE WOMAN FESTIVAL - mainstage schedule for Saturday, March 21st in FW, TX

hey, girlfriends (and other loveables), i've been working on this line-up of rad musicians, songwriters, poets, speakers, dancers, etc., for the past THREE MONTHS. this event is about to explode on the 817 in a big and beautiful way. check out this schedule of presenting women.

i'll be emcee-ing this entire day 12:30pm to 6pm, so i'ma be loopy by 10pm (after the Vagina Monologues) when the AFTERGLOW happens with more live music, chocolate, champagne, and dancing music!

bring provisions for the day (extra clothes, dancing shoes, energy bars, etc.) so you can stay at Casa Man~ana the entire
time of the Festival. this will be THE place to be on Saturday, March 21st. if you're in FW.


Lori Thomson, Layne Calabro, Margie Gomez, Tammy Gomez, Rae Denton, Asani Charles, Dr. Kari Rollins

1:00 - Dating & Intimacy: Your Rights with Toria Villarreal and "Love is Respect" video

1:15 - The Bella Cullen Project “Twilight” teen tribute musical trio (from Arlington, but are nationally-hot)

1:30 - Battered Women's Foundation: with Brenda Jackson

1:50 - “Peace on Earth Begins w/ Birth" - video

2:00 - Singer/songwriter: Crystal Casey

2:15 - "Nursing is Normal" - video

2:20 - Power of Choice: Community Panel with BC Cornish, Kathy O'Brien, Sarah McClellan, Marcy Paul, Janean Livingston, Kimberly Harrison, Lindsey Denison, KC Jones, Diane Wood, Noor Elashi, and Yvette Richardson

3:20 - Brazen Bellies - tribal dancing troupe

3:30 - V-DAY Spotlight video and monologues

3:35 - The Democratic Republic of Congo – with Laura Seay / UT Austin

4:00 – Singer/songwriter: La Morra Maliya

4:10 - Safe Haven: Rebecca Farrow

4:30 - Poets of Embargo: Rose Ann Meredith, Natasha Carrizosa, Devorah Titunik

4:50 - Male Allies Speak-Out with Cri Rivera, Men Against Violence (MAV) NTX’s Patrick Partida

5:15 - FINALE with Singer/songwriter Emily Stoker, Girl's, Inc. - Bill of Rights, Patsy Hernandez, CodePink Fort Worth,
DJ Cyberina Flux, Brazen Bellies and YOU!

**** of course, there will ALSO be vendors (woman-owned businesses, mostly), art exhibits, a WELLNESS area (take a yoga
or tai chi session), and the RED TENT of spiritual healing. alot to see and hear, for sure ******

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! We want to pack the house. Thanks, Tammy

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