Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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i'm re-enacting my closet ordeal,
via twitter only. it's a 2.5 day finite experimental performance work.

don't worry, i'm not actually IN the closet physically, just a little bit emotionally, psychologically, and artistically.

one friend DID panic, thinking i was actually trapped (again), and drove over to check on me yesterday evening.
sorry, Lindsey.

another thing i'm doing to celebrate my 1-year anniversary of the struggle to carve a hole in the door to get out of the closet, is that i'm EATING and DRINKING as much as i want for 2.5 days. i'm having a cup of Wild Berry Zinger tea at the moment, whereas this time last year i was enjoying (barely) "essence of saliva."

be in the moment, wherever you are!

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