Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Been busy with some educational focuses, grassroots-style. Submitted an app to NALAC (National Association of Latino Arts & Culture) and it was breezy-easy; I'm getting better at this grants application process. This time, decided to propose a project I've been wanting to launch for a coupla years: a spoken word choir--voicestra is how I might've referred to it in my narrative text except for the fact that ole Bobby McFerrin has nabbed the term for the name of his performance ensemble.

Here's the 50-word project summary: "I will direct the Sound Culture Spoken Word C.H.O.I.R., a performance ensemble comprised of emerging writers and underserved (marginalized) youth in Fort Worth. This C.H.O.I.R. (Cultivating Harmony with Our Insightful Rhymes) will perform my original poems--in chorus style, accented by music and digital projections--in showcases throughout Texas."

I am hopeful that this project will receive funding, and I'll certainly need to hustle up other sources of support in this community to really make this happen. I am excited for the possibilities of working with underserved youth again--it's been awhile and I have to say, I do have some skills when it comes to teaching and directing young people.

Wish me luck, write a check, whatever. You'll be hearing more about this from me in the coming months.


The other grassroots education thing I'm working on involves a few other cool women, and we're collectively dubbed "Sisters of the Southside" (thanks Lindsey!). What is up? Well, we're putting together a street-level self-defense without violence workshop for women ages 17 and up. It's titled "Self-Defense, Yo!" and the focus of this workshop is on becoming more conscious of the subtle ways in which our behaviors/body language/clothing/etc. somehow give off an implicit "here i am, come take me" message, as misconstrued by would-be perps and pervs. Women and girls want and need to know how to rebuff and resist in ways that don't involve physical confrontation.

Our first workshop is now scheduled!

1 to 4pm

Ella Mae Shamblee Public Library - Evans Street (just north of E. Rosedale)
Free and open to women 17 years and up

Light refreshments will be offered.
PAIN FREE Society, a fresh design company, will also be in the house.

Save the date - spread the word!!


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Anonymous said...

Hey ! Long time no talk! Great job on the self defense workshop upcoming!

Oh man-if I weren't pregnant ( or in Austin) , I would so be going to this! I had some horrible forays into Whacky Patriarchal( and Nationalistic/Racist/Sexist/Classist) Martial Arts World , but would not trade any of the skills learned from erstwhile enemies!!!
A never forget lesson is that no matter how much someone overpowers you, if you are able, displacing a kneecap in your would-be attacker is inevitably going to deter him. Everyone goes for the nuts-forget the nuts! Go for the kneecaps and learn how to effectively break a kneecap while maintaining eye contact with him. After you've learned to dislocate a kneecap while maintaining eye contact, learn to stomp on the elbow joints to prevent his reaching for a weapon while you run away.
Also, the most painful dislocation is horizontally. And hte kicking it takes to do it does not involve a high lift of the leg or athleticism-just balance and practice.