Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tammy Gomez, Fort Worth artist, needs you.

Time to give an artist the support she needs to launch a new project. Check out my proposal video, and pledge what you can today.

$20, 40, how 'bout $200? I'm offering perks for every donor pledge level. Get in on this, amigos y amigas!

It's amazing how the thread of connections can take an artist from point A to point B, and then, fortuitously, to point P(ossibility).

I was nominated for one of those now coveted $50,000 USA Artists Grants in 2008: close but no cigar. Somehow, however, I've stayed in the USA memory bank, because I just got invited in early November 2010 by USA to be an inaugural artist on their USA Projects website. This website intends to facilitate the creation of a national online community of U.S. artists, where funders and followers can both financially support and stay abreast of the work by national award-winning artists from all artistic disciplines.

I'm honored to have been selected for this opportunity and now need the help of folks who have known of my work, have ever been in my audiences, and/or have collaborated with me on any of my projects. What I need is for folks to visit my online Project Profile, click on the "SUPPORT Or Learn More" button and make your financial pledge.

You can pledge as little as $20 and as much as $400, and there are thank-you perks that I'll be sharing with you if you do. For a $20 donation pledge, I'll have your name (unless you want to remain anonymous) added to the official She: Bike/Spoke/Love website as a funder or "Big Wheel." The perks get bigger the more you pledge, and please don't delay. My deadline to reach the $8,200 funding goal is March 1, 2011.

For more information, comment below or simply email me at sound_culture(at)

Thanks for your support!

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