Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Write about the new Latino mayor of L.A., if you want

[Thanks to Daniel Olivas for the following announcement, a publishing opportunity.]


From Daniel's website:

"I am editing an anthology of short fiction by Latinos/as in which the City of Los Angeles plays an integral role.  I am interested in provocative stories on virtually any subject by both established and new writers.  Stories may range from social realism to cuentos de fantasma and anything in between.  Los Angeles may be a major "character" or merely lurking in the background.  I'd like to see characters who represent diverse backgrounds in terms of ethnicity, profession, age, sexual orientation, etc.

Please e-mail your story, using standard submission formatting, as a Word document to  In the e-mail, include your contact information, list of previous publications (if any), and the ethnicity(ies) with which you identify.  Feel free to visit my website at:"

DEADLINE: September 1, 2005.

Daniel's site also features an extensive lista of literature-related websites and blogs, including some of my favorites (Maud Newton and Boing Boing).


And now, for more on that L.A. mayoral election, just read this.

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daniel olivas said...

thanks for posting this. it's funny you mentioned our new chicano mayor of los angeles...i was thinking that the anthology should have a piece about him!