Monday, May 16, 2005

Youth Liberation Network to host 4th Annual Media Youth Camp

Great opportunity!!!!! ----there's going to be a Summer Media Camp for h.s. students from June 13-19th, 2005 - in Austin. It's FREE (free meals, free lodging in the dorms at the University of Texas)! I know the organizers of this Camp and they are amazing people. The focus is on gathering youth of color (Latino, African-American, etc.) to make videos, radio, murals, teatro projects together. Here's the website: Deadline to apply is looming near (end of May), so get on this now, folks.

If you have a sibling or friend who is also interested, maybe you can carpool together or take the Greyhound Bus, Amtrak Train, or something like that. My friend, Haldun, who is in charge of video for the Camp told me that you just have to get there. It's a great chance to try your hand at audio production, making videos, learning about theater, and more. Young people from all over Central Texas attend this Camp, so you can meet cool kids and work on projects together.

Anyway, I really hope you consider this, as it's a rare opportunity to do something really cool with MEDIA PRODUCTION in Texas, and it's FREE!! For more information go here.

Please send completed applications to: Youth Liberation Network
c/o Bianca Flores
5307 Martin Ave
Austin, TX 78751

To request an application by email : call 512-293-6582 or email

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