Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I was gonna tell you to go to the..

Nineteenth Annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner, sponsored by the Dallas Peace Center, in Dallas tomorrow night. BUT the event, folks, is OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT. Guess that's because they were not only going to honor the tireless peace & justice activists Johnny Wolf and Hadi Jawad (i've met them both, and these men are true warriors for change), but the activist-celeb CINDY SHEEHAN herself is confirmed to make an appearance and, probably, a speech. Photo oppportunity, folks. But, alas, since there are no tickets left for this, I guess you'll have to settle for visiting the DPC website and eating on your own, you little Peacemaker, you!


Anonymous said...

I have known Johnny for 20 years and Hadi for about 5 years. They regard them both as heroes in our society.
Interesting fact:

Hadi is also a very gifted storyteller.

Connie Kallenberg

Anonymous said...

Corrections to previous post"

"I regard them both as heroes in our society."

sunlit doorway said...

yeah, i've heard that Hadi is a poet too. hope to hear some of his verses sometime.

Anonymous said...

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