Thursday, December 01, 2005

MY FORT WORTH: the Chicano Luncheon - a Cowtown tradition since 1965

The CHICANO LUNCHEON is an amazing and unique (cuz i don't know of any other city in the US that does this) opportunity and concept.  Folks (you the public) show up for an EXACTLY ONE HOUR IN DURATION noontime meal and networking gathering.  Once you step through the portal of that salon (Spanish pronunciation of this word, with the connotation that it is a "hall" or "community space"), other attendees smilingly offer you their: flyers, business cards, brochures, event promo info, etc.

It's very convivial!  Once we are formally greeted by the wonderful RENNY ROSAS (long-time Chicano activist in the FW community), we are invited to line up for the food (yummy $5 enchilada plate). You sit, where you like, and then the introductions begin.  EVERYone in the salon is invited to introduce themselves and tell who/what they're with.  After that, we continue eating as the PROGRAM begins.  It is TAPED FOR LATER BROADCAST ON FW CABLE TV (multiple-broadcast, i should say).

During the PROGRAM, various folks announce their community events at the podium.  Then, the keynote speaker(s) are intro-ed and they speak for no more than 15 minutes.  Short and sweet.

So---today, in 12 hours (eek, i need to go to bed!) THURSDAY, DECEMBER FIRST, I am slated to present for 10 minutes.  As spoken word artist, and as member of Peaceful Vocations. Hope you can join me there!

The specifics:

The Chicano Luncheon.
Thursday Dec. 1, 2005.
12:noon to 1:p.m.
La Trinidad United Methodist Church.
1300 Gould Av. @ Northside Dr.
Fort Worth TX 76106
- Tammy Gomez - Spoken word artist
- Brenda Gonzales - Free income tax service
- Steve Lerma - Tarrant County

This will be the last Chicano Luncheon for 2005.
Jan. 5, 2006 begins the 14th season at La Trinidad United Methodist Church.
The Chicano Luncheon, keeping our tradition alive since 1965.
Renny Rosas
817.924.8181 ofc


Ramsey said...

Tammy, I don't have cable, so I won't be able to see it! Maybe if you taped it, I can borrow it from you. I'm fairly sure you were wonderful, though. Keep up the good.

sunlit doorway said...

thanks, Ramz. i haven't even see the broadcast myself (no cable either), but my family and a few other friends have caught the show. my supervisor at the library saw me, and dug what i did. that's encouraging. if i get a dub/tape of the show, i'll surely share it.