Sunday, December 18, 2005

Remembering the Blue Flamingo days

I was just reminded of the Blue Flamingo, the former Austin hole-in-the-wall punk-noise-rawk club that the AusChron referred to as being "in all likelihood the stankiest, most low-down joint to ever qualify for a TABC liquor license." I loved that place. When you got bored at Emo's (and that's saying alot, as you could easily count on free admission performances by the likes of El Vez, Stereolab, and Blonde Redhead at the Emo's mainstage--even on weeknights), it was fun to cruise over to the Blue to get your earholes flossed, i mean good. Miss Laura, the obese Black transvestite proprietess, staunchly defended your right to party hard in s/his space--all eight by ten feet of it. It was always sweaty and screeching, blow-your-eardrums-out loud. One night I stumbled by myself into the Blue only to find the sweatiest, funkiest punk outfit calling themselves the Cleofus Trujillo Trio. I loved them. That was the mid-1990s. And guess what? The Blue Flamingo may have gone the way of all awesome rock clubs--blues and overdues done 'em in. But--the Cleofus Trujillo Trio has re-emerged as Snowbyrd. Still based in San Anto, Snowbyrd is amping up and playing out in Austin and beyond. Matter of fact, they are scheduled for a set at Room 710 on Friday, December 23rd, in Austex with none other than (and I thought they had died too--lo and behold, rock-and-roll resurrection is for real!)the legendary Hickoids. Highly highly recommended.


The Stash Dauber said...

sometimes it's funny going back to good old rooms -- i'm thinking of the continental club in austin and the bluebird here in the fort in particular; you have your own, i'm sure -- and realizing just how teeny-tiny they were. hard to believe such big times could fit in such small spaces.

sunlit doorway said...

oh yes.  september 30th, 1985.  first time for me to see Sonic Youth.  i had no idea who they were, we just knew it was my birthday and we wanted to hear live music. 5 bucks cover at the continental, that sounded like a good deal, so we went.  it blew my little mind.  and hurt my head, too, cuz Kim didn't manage the mic stand oh so well and it tumbled and hit me right on the noggin.  i guess i have bragging rights...

bought their e.p. "i dream i dreamed" (sp?), which was on colored vinyl.  i wonder what ever happened to that rekkid.

reminds me:  my friend Ginger tells me there's a music shop in e. austin calls itself Wrecka Stow.  i love that.

Bluebird---Christmas 1990.  we had just buried my dad, like a few days before,
and my current love was in town with me to help me through the experience.  we
decided to dance the blues away at the Bluebird.  it was a big night, somebody's
birthday as i recall, and the guitar player who played one-handed while setting his axe upright on a small table, well he was the keynote feature.  in that little room, on an icy chill night soon after losing my father, i kinda just forgot everything but the sound of the moment/the movement of our swaying smiles as we danced and liquored up.  a happy temporary escape.  i'll be forever grateful to places such as the Bluebird joint for letting me be surviving
evacuee, as we all somehow actually are...

claudia said...

Thats how I feel about the Black Dog and it only been closed for a few weeks. How can I be 25 and already be full of nostalgia? Sounds cheesy but I think it was the first place I where really felt completely comfortable with myself.. like I finally fit. I was always an odd cat so finding the joint at such a tender age where everybody was just as off the path as I - I guess it allowed me to grow into myself. The people I have meet there, the music that I could connect to... the voices I have heard. Jim, Shaggy and Damian always making me feel at home. All those magical, visceral, and the simply ordinary moments have been so inspiring and comforting all these years. I found my Fort Worth there 6 years ago. I maybe from the border Juarez/El Paso... my roots are there my heart is here.