Friday, December 23, 2005

dream memory : february 1st, 2005

[dream - February 1st a.m. right about 9:30am or 10am - 2005]

who made it home?

one woman with fruits and sea products
paddles assuredly, but slowly in a narrow
rough-finished dugout watercraft.

(somehow i know that she has been away, maybe displaced, for some time, and has survived a long absence maybe not of her choosing. it has been a long haul, but she is serene with relief, knowing that she is almost back to her home place. a world of ocean and sea life that is comfortable to her.)

dirty h2o is home. a pocket of dingy, well-populated
turf in the cove. again, it feels asian/eastern.

seaside vacationing hoteling:

sleeping in ocean
(comfortable sea-steeped lodging)

a beautiful series of sculptures in the water
at shallow’s edge, i guess, for how could they
be rooted in the seabed, miles and miles below
the water’s surface?

one particular sculpture that fascinated me was
high and curvilinear, tall as a tree, with beveled
shelving abutments. it stood lone, provocative
and mononumental. it seemed utilitarian or had
the potential to be.

a friend, “my friend flirt” (?), gave me a brief tour.

i saw a stubby white tourist couple sink into
adjacent sleep pockets, seemingly fashioned of
material resembling whale blubber or thick black
rubbery vinyl. little wombs in the warmth of the beach-
fronting waters.

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