Wednesday, December 21, 2005

MY FORT WORTH: Kino Monda Cinema presents---tonight!

[John Singleton's got me on his e-mailing list, so I get the announcements about the weekly film screenings at TCU for his Kino Monda series. John's one of those people I hardly ever see, but whom I imagine is probably one of the tribe--folks you ultimately would count as cool and close. Somebody said that about me once, after watching me dance and carry on at a radio station fundraiser in Austin: "Tammy, when the end of the world is near, and everybody's reaching out for someone, I wanna be dancing with your tribe." That's kinda how I feel about John. Hmmmm, maybe I'll cut out from work tonight and go see this flick--free food is always a nice enticement too.]

free thought **free food **free cinema

tonight's film: "Love Actually" (dir., Richard Curtis/UK/2003)

6:30 pm, Wednesday, December 21st
Sid Richardson Lecture Hall 4

Love Actually!     If you’re already in the holiday spirit, this film is like a steroid shot of Christmas cheer. For some (me), anyway…this movie threads functional and dysfunctional romance, hope, loss, reemerged hope, lost again, found again.  Spoofs on icons like rock stars and presidents, improbable loves and probable pre-disasters, all set around the Christmas holiday.  If I were psycho-analyzing a planet, I’d suggest "Love Actually" is the same message delivered to earth that was delivered by Jimmy Stewart in "It’s a Wonderful Life", only it is translated into a language we speak now.   Moral purists might prefer the Nutcracker. - J.Singleton

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