Monday, February 12, 2007

Poem #43 of 365

you walked the
straightest line,
steadfast and sure,
away from my door
and porch. your shoulders
unhunched, your footsteps
thorough, your head turned
straight, your heart locked

i'd never fathomed that
watching you walk away,
in that long straight line,
could tremor my flesh,
close up my throat.

you walked so
sure that you
didn't want to stay,
no longer belonging
with me.

it hurt to see you so

you could have zigzagged,
made a loopy path, turning
your head once or twice
with second thought.

but you did not, and this
insulted, left me lonely,
made me shrink.

you left my porch and
walked so directly away,
down the steps, across
the street, and up onto
another curb, someone
else's porch.

it felt like love broken
down, depressed
by the road.

but i kept watching as
you left, and allowed new
sadness to couple me.

you never looked back.

and you were only a cat.

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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