Wednesday, August 01, 2007

5th Annual Noche de Macondo at Esperanza Peace & Justice Center in San Antonio - Friday, August 3rd

Esperanza & Sandra Cisneros invite you to...

  The 5th Ånnual
           Noche de Macondo


Joy Harjo

(Hey, by the way--did you know there's a "nativewiki" site? You can read more about Joy Harjo at this nativewiki link. I LOVE Joy Harjo, in case you didn't know. A MAP TO THE NEXT WORLD, IN MAD LOVE AND WAR, THE WOMAN WHO FELL FROM THE SKY. Wow. I would've gone earlier this week to take a workshop with Joy, but I had to be here for my bicycle play performance. So many JOYS, so little time. I've introduced her before, at a very under-attended reading she did at Waterloo Ice House on Lamar St. in Austin. It was quite embarrassing, actually, cuz the promoter(s) did very little to publicize and Joy looked very flummoxed for a minute--but soon came back to her graceful poise and whipped out some great poems. I also interviewed her for live and simultaneous broadcast on the radio and the internet. Pretty cool. What a day that was, at Alma de Mujer. At least 4 of my living heroines were out there, on that beautiful spread of land west of Austin, at that moment: Joy Harjo, Winona LaDuke (running mate with Ralph Nader, as you may recall), Millilani Trask, and Roberta Blackgoat. Wow.)
Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
Friday, August 3, 2007 • 8pm

featuring the poetry and music of

Joy Harjo
w/ guitarist Larry Mitchell

and poetry and performance by Macondo Writers:
Tammy Gomez (emcee)
Monica Palacios
Yael Flusberg
Liz Gonzalez
Carlos Cumpian
Daisy Hernandez
Angie Chau
Jackie Cuevas
Alex Espinoza
Lucha Corpi
w/ Sandra Cisneros

$6-$10 Suggested Donation
Arrive on time!  Standing Room only expected! (no doubt, no doubt)

Books available for sale by performing writers & Resistencia Bookstore,

For more info, contact the ESPERANZE PEACE AND JUSTICE CENTER - one of my all-time favorite spots in San Antonio...!

Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
922 San Pedro Ave  •  San Antonio TX 78212
(entrance on W Evergreen, 1/2 mile north of downtown)

210.228.0201 || ||


Francisco Aragón said...

Hi Tammy:


Poet Steven Cordova has been added to the Noche de Macondo line-up for this Friday.

Francisco Aragón

a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

hi, Francisco:

Thanks for the heads-up. [a few minutes pass]
Okay, i'm back. I just read 2 of his poems from SLOW DISSOLVE--online. Nice.