Thursday, August 30, 2007

Poem #242 of 365

Silhouettes against the sky
swarm in the night,
and they are swatting at
air so dense like liquid gold
in lava streams.

How gravity would have its
way with you, my lovely
dancers, how you would
plummet in demi-plie
and ront de jambe, while
gasps from the ground
would greet your collapse.

But, alas, you are airborne
and never to descend, as
I crane my neck to enjoy
your stretch and reach
towards the beam and ledge,
concourses of concrete
not so easy to caress.

Yet delicacy, fragility
is the frosting of this
frolic and I applaud
how you transcend
the land with such
aplomb and trust,
as you thrust your
chest skyward while
blood rushes toward
the downward wing.

(in honor of Sally Jacques' breathtaking aerial dance spectacle Requiem (Blue Lapis Light) , which I first witnessed in Austin in the summer of 2006)

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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