Saturday, March 15, 2008

Talent Round-Up on Saturday - audition for over a dozen production companies @ once!

[Adam Dietrich, artistic director of The Butterfly Connection--based in Fort Worth--sent along the following announcement. I don't know that auditioning artists would take very graciously to being alluded to as "cattle", but I guess the Butterfly folks were taking a stab at alliteration. I might stop by, as I am looking to recast a few roles for my play "She: Bike/Spoke/Love.]

Date: March 15th, 2008
Location: Rose Marine Theatre at 1440 N. Main Street in Fort Worth
Time: 10am-4pm with 5 minute appointments

Requirements: 1 Minute Monologue, 1 Minute Acapella Song, 1 Minute Dance Routine with CD Accompaniment, and 2 minutes of improvisation and auditors questions. (If talent does not sing or dance, no song or routine is required.)

Reps and talent scouts from such notable Metroplex theaters as Casa Manana, Circle Theater, Hip Pocket, Kitchen Dog, Teatro de la Rosa, and Pantagleize will be in the house, taking notes and names.

They're considering all performing artists/talent, whether Equity or Non-Equity.

Bring headshots, resumes, and the usual sell-yourself materials.

For more info, please phone 817 333 4028 or email Adam Dietrich at

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