Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Facing the Change: Grassroots Encounters with Global Warming" - submit yr. writing

[Thanks to friend, poet, and world traveler Lorena Caputo for sending me the following call for submissions. Please respond to the email address/mailing address provided below. ]


"Greetings and best wishes!

Facing the Change: Grassroots Encounters with Global Warming will be a completely new kind of book about global climate change. Instead of experts talking at you, this hard-copy anthology will feature personal responses to global warming - what everyday people are feeling and thinking as well as what they are doing. Stories, essays, and poetry are welcome, from concerned citizens from all walks of life and all ages. Please go to for more information, writing suggestions, and submission instructions (including a printable version of the full Invitation to Submit).

Submission deadline: MAY FIRST, 2008 - 5/1/08.

Please consider submitting your own writing to the project. You can also help by forwarding this invitation to anyone who may be interested - colleagues, students, friends, family, or community members. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have. Your interest and assistance will be much appreciated.

The world needs your insight, strength, and concern. Join with me in Facing the Change.

Thanks, Steve"

Steven Pavlos Holmes, Ph.D.
Independent Scholar in the Environmental Humanities
21 Eldridge Rd., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 USA



IF President Bush had unveiled his goals for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions at the beginning of his administration instead of in its waning months, he might have actually played a role in linking the United States to global efforts to curb climate change. But the proposals he made yesterday, which in 2001 could have been a starting point for negotiations with advocates of stronger action in Congress, are now too belated and too weak to be more than a historical footnote. All three remaining presidential candidates are committed to much more stringent, mandatory reductions in carbon dioxide.

Tammy Gomez said...

Yep, when Bush withdrew from the Kyoto Treaty in 2001 I knew we were doomed. He just couldn't alienate his cronies in big business...