Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gadabout Film Festival 2008 - 1919 Hemphill right now!

Fort Worth's infamous 1919 Hemphill performance/collectivist space is an annual stop for the Gadabout Film Festival, and it's just a hoot-n-holler. Lots of fun, greatly entertaining short films, and typically the touring folks bring all kinds of zines, stickers, buttons, hand-printed tees, posters, and more for you to buy. Open your mind and your wallet (if you want) at the same time...

Ramsey's gonna get me one of the JUST SEEDS two-color posters! Hurray for friends who don't work on Thursdays!

Run, walk, bicycle there NOW!
This is independent film making.
(Gadabout Film Festival)

This is independent history teaching.
(Just Seeds art show)

This is independent music production.
(Halo Fauna music jams)

This is GONNA BE FUN!!!

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