Sunday, October 12, 2008

Laurie Anderson in Dallas, free stuff to do in FW--tonight

Of course, without a doubt, I'd love to be in the audience for Laurie Anderson's new show, presenting tonight at McFarlin Auditorium in Dallas. But I lack the bucks and the car to get me there. I hear that Lou Reed will be performing alongside Anderson too. Que lastima that I have to miss this on for more, including notes on what I possibly may be doing tonight.

If you didn't know that Laurie Anderson is the first resident artist for NASA, or that she is shacking up with VU frontman Lou Reed, perhaps a little reading is in order...

ONE SHOW ONLY - TONIGHT - tickets no longer may be purchased online, but call the TITAS office directly at 214-528-5576 for ticket info.

LAURIE ANDERSON - presenting "Homeland"
When: Sunday, Oct. 12, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Where: McFarlin Memorial Auditorium (SMU), 6405 Boaz Lane, University Park
Cost: $14 - $59

Blurb from the online promo:

"One of the seminal artists of our time, Laurie Anderson's genre-crossing work encompasses performance, film, music, installation, writing, photography, and sculpture. 'Homeland' is a series of songs and stories that creates a poetic and political portrait of contemporary American culture. The stories and songs that make up Homeland are marked by a political urgency and, as with all of Anderson’s work, are personal and utterly unique. 'Homeland' is a tour de force of spoken word, music, and technology."

I've been an Evelyn Waugh fan since I was a high school kid who took a fancy to fancy uses of English. "Masterpiece Theater" never struck me as nerdcore--heck, that genre term didn't exist back then--I simply thought it good drama in impeccable British English. I remember, though, having to haggle with my family about commandeering our tv set (back then, most families only owned one per household) for 1-hour increments to be able to catch up on my favorite MT series episodes, of which "Brideshead Revisited" was one of the best. I guess that's probably when I was first introduced to (and temporarily fell for) Jeremy Irons, he the actor so often cast in roles of gloomy, doomed, unrequited lovers.

You can catch the latest adaptation of the Waugh classic at the Modern Art Museum today at 4:30pm. I'm definitely going to be there.

Later, there's one more presentation of the Fort Worth Theatre's adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing" outside on the east-facing stage at Arts Fifth Avenue, 1628 5th Avenue, in the Fairmount Neighborhood, at 8pm. Free and family-friendly.

Finish off the night--you might see me--at the Chat Room Pub (out on Magnolia St.) for this week's (someone just told me this has been happening on Sundays) installment of "Bring Your Own Vinyl." One of the Chat's bartenders apparently brings his record-player and lets folks spin 3 of their pre-selected songs from vinyl lps (maybe 45s and 78s too, one wonders?) they bring in from their precious vintage collections. I think I'ma show up with a Nina Simone, Krzysztof Komeda, and Meat Puppets trio of songs tonight..
Chat Room Pub, Sundays, sometime around 7pm (so I've heard), FREE.

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