Saturday, April 30, 2005

BTW--this is who Arleen Schloss is

Apparently, Arleen Schloss mixes it up at her atelier and performance space "A's" in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

While researching Schloss, I entered a portal to some old experimental Austrian audio tracks, archived here; "Punkapella" (circa 1978) was fun. Ah, punk rock, circa 1970s. Reminds me that one great thing about doing all-nighters is that public television will stay up with you, sharing the most incredible free programming you'd ever want to listen to while you create your ferociously brilliant late-night writings. At about 3:30am, KERA-TV broadcast a documentary on The Ramones, followed by a touching paean to Joe Strummer.

Joe Strummer, why did you go so soon? You were turning into the most tender teacher and old-school rock star. I loved the sections of his film, where he's hanging out on the streets with teens, just ambling along in conversation as non-didactic as you'd ever expect a true punk rocker to be...

....which also reminds me that I heard Ian MacKaye on NPR this morning, on a segment touting THE EVENS, Ian's newest and very low-volume musical project. If you go to the NPR website, I'm sure you can download the audio file to hear it yourself. Folks, this is a way different Ian from the Minor Threat singer I came to hear and love in the early 1980s. Politics, heart is the same. But THE EVENS tunes: way mellow. Please don't let him start doing double-bills with Loudon Wainwright the third...

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