Thursday, April 07, 2005

Thursday in Urbana

At this point (Thursday a.m.), I've already: visited two Latina/o Studies classes for lecture/performances; facilitated a writing workshop in the Latino/a Cultural Center, had lunch with some young professors, and seen a local production of the play MARISOL by Jose Rivera (which is really good!).

Today, I have a stint on a community radio station (world music show) and then I'm featuring at a Latino/a Slam at a cool coffeehouse called CAFFE PARADISO.

Gas is high here ($2.24), so don't complain there in TX. Have been mostly on foot myself. It's comfortably cool, and unexpectedly humid here. But I shouldn't complain either.

But--there was a fire drill this morning at 6am, so we had to evacuate the whole building. Oh well. It was only for about 20 minutes.

Next, I'm off to Chicago (on Saturday). There's a Latino Film Festival happening there, as well as a big Zine (self-publishing) Festival near Wicker Park on Saturday afternoon, so I'm sure to find some fun diversions. Chicago's always buzzing. Record stores, bookstores, coffeeshops, and the L train. Maybe I'll go check out one of the blues clubs. Depends on what my friends want to do too.

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