Thursday, April 28, 2005

FW Benefit on Saturday, April 30th--raise funds to get to Halliburton protest

[Thanks to Ramsey Sprague for the following announcement/invitation]:

Please come out to support local activists' trips to Houston for the Halliburton Annual Shareholders' Protest. The performers will be fantastically eclectic, too!

Benefit in FW - SATURDAY, APRIL 30th

$5 suggested donation
alcohol and smoke free environment - with board games downstairs!

1919 Hemphill St
Fort Worth, 76110

>>> <<<


Theater Fire :
The Folly Fandango : the name says it all!
Tracie Merchant :
and other talented local artists! - check the calendar on the website!


The money raised from the door will go directly to the costs of renting and traveling in the vans that 1919 and CODEPink are co-organizing for the trip to the Houston protest.

Van travelers will be leaving the evening of Tuesday, May 17th, and arriving back in FW on the evening of Wednesday, May 18th.

Housing arrangements need to be made as early as possible, so please contact us ASAP if you're interested!

Interested folks are encouraged to contact:
Ramsey Sprague


Join the mobilization to protest the 18 May 2005 Halliburton Shareholder's meeting in downtown Houston!

WHEN: Wednesday, 18 May 2005; 8:00 AM

WHERE: Gather at the green space located at 1000 Crawford (Crawford and Lamar), in front of the statue of George R. Brown. March to the Four Seasons Hotel, 1300 Lamar Street, Houston, Texas

WHAT: Hundreds of peace, labor and consumer rights activists will gather outside the annual Halliburton shareholders meeting in Houston, Texas on May 18 to protest war profiteering and corporate cronyism as exemplified by Halliburton.

Come to Houston on May 18th, participate in the protest at Halliburton's annual shareholder meeting, and make a bold statement supporting Iraqi self-determination and justice for all! "Stop Halliburton's Corporate Occupation of Iraq!"

Halliburton is essential to continuing the war and occupation in Iraq and forcing them to withdraw their participation would shut down essential parts and motives for the war and occupation. Not only are their operations in Iraq depriving the children and people of Iraq of any sort of future, but also the billions upon billions in no-bid contracts heaped upon them by George Bush and Dick Cheney results in the further weakening of social services here at home.

Join us in Houston on May 18 for a lively protest against war profiteering and corporate cronyism outside Halliburton's shareholder meeting in Houston. Halliburton needs to be held accountable, not made more profitable! Creative autonomous action encouraged!!!

Sponsored and Supported by Houston Global Awareness, Global Exchange, Code Pink, Latinos Por La Paz, the Maryknoll House, Texas Fair Trade Coalition, Peace Action-Houston, Austin Spokescouncil, Witness for Peace, Anti-Racist Action, Progressive Action Alliance, Louisiana
Activist Network, North Texas for Justice and Peace, Peace Action Tarrant County, and others.

For more information, contact, check out or call 832-725-6220. or join our region-wide coordination list--

For even more information, click here.

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