Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ginger tries to save my adrenals

My herbalist amiga in Austin, Ginger, just suggested a little tonic for a multi-tasking, overcommitted summer 05 lifestyle--like mine. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm eager to give it a go. Lately, I've been down on eating--it's just too hot and digesting is such a draining bodily activity. I'm in the mood to fast and actually tried to fast in preparation for my "Sueno Despierta" performance at TEATROFest; I guess I wanted to put myself in a little bit of an altered state so my performance mindset would be similar to the hypnopompic state (immediately post-sleep) of consciousness which I love so much.

I didn't eat on Monday at all--except for an organic juice blend--but I did nibble on Tuesday and Wednesday. Through TEATROFEST, I think I drank more than I ate. I'd say my daily caloric intake averaged between 800-1500 calories, which gave me the satisfaction of feeling lighter and less exhausted.

Okay, here's Ginger's recommendation for stressed-out American bodies:

"licorice is great for adrenal exhaustion, in combo with milky oat tops tincture. Some company besides my own, available in fort worth, is bound to have such a tincture combo. Take the whole bottle, start to finish, for a week or two, however long it takes."

Just fyi, Ginger's company is Texas Medicinals.

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