Saturday, June 25, 2005

Should you find yourself thirsty and alone... San Anto, my friend, you must thrust yourselves into the empty booth at the crazy-popular bar BAR AMERICA, face the door and watch the local luminaries drizzle in as you swoon over the conversant artistes to your left and right. and if you're lucky, you'll be across the table from RUBYNELDA PEREZ--Chicana actress extraordinaire--AND a few people over from slam poet ANTHONY FLORES, and then you'll spot HALDUN (videomaker, educator, Youth Liberation Network organzier) hustling in to roust a spot at a booth, as the CARA MIA DALLAS crewe rolls in, post-rehearsal, for a round of chicharrones and Lone Star longnecks. if you're really lucky, Michael of the San Anto band COYOTE DREAMS will recognize you and give you the biggest hug since bears. and you'll feel that if CHEERS had been filmed in a Chicano/a bar in the heart of San Anto, you would have been a permanent extra, happy to earn less than union wage. if only for the firme company, conversation, and endless liquor-lubricated tejano onda spirit of familia.

that's my place. and that's where i found myself.
again, tonight.

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