Monday, September 19, 2005

20 Years Ago: Tragic Earthquake in Mexico City

Been talking about, hearing about Katrina and Roberts' confirmation process and FEMA and etc. so much that perhaps we've overlooked the 20th anniversary of the BIG ONE, the earthquake that devastated Mexico City (Tenochtitlan) back in 1985. How come the "Hispanic Heritage" celebrations didn't see to create commemorative events about this historical moment for Mexicanos. Just as many folks have a "where were you when JKF was shot?" story, many Mexicanos and Americanos (U.S.icans or Mexican-Americans) have a "do you know anyone affected by the earthquake of '85?" story to share.

For some insightful thoughts on the subject, read Patrisia Gonzales' essay "And the Earth Did Not Swallow Them", filed on September 19th. Patrisia Gonzales is author of _The Mud People: Chronicles, Testimonios & Remembrances_, which chronicles social movements and indigenous knowledge in Mexico. Together with her husband, Roberto Rodriguez, Patrisia also pens the weekly commentary series COLUMN OF THE AMERICAS.

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