Sunday, September 18, 2005

Delta-Cajun-Creole - upsurge in interest and value

Anything even remotely related (culturally, socially, historically) to the Gulf Coast region impacted by Katrina is going to increase in popularity and monetary value---just you wait.

The Neville Brothers are going to find their music in high demand; Harry Connick Jr. is gonna have so many offers, maybe he'll do a celebrity appearance in a commercial for hip waders. What are hip waders? Well, i foresee hip waders as the next big hip hop fashion garment; they're the rubberized boots-to-the-hip often worn by rescue teams performing round-the-clock heroic evacuation feats in the high waters of New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not at all wanting to undermine the growing national appreciation of all things Katrina could not, never could have, fully drowned or destroyed. Actually, I'm loving it that club djs in San Antonio are choosing to spin the funky Meters, Buckwheat Zydeco, and other Nawlins-area danceable music. I'm loving it that folks are wanting to celebrate the survival of the French Quarter by cooking creole and cajun cuisine in these post-Katrina weeks of September. I, for one, am planning to buy a tin of decaf CAFE DU MONDE coffee later this week. Yes, let's give to the Red Cross. Yes, let's say a prayer for the continued safety of all who are working so diligently to provide ongoing relief and support to the survivors of the storm o' 2005.

But, also, let's break out the dusty copies of Dr. John and Irma Thomas and Dirty Dozen Brass Band records. Let's wear our color uncoordinated Mardi Gras beads in September. Why shouldn't we sign up for voodoo history classes at the community college? Or get married down in the Mississippi Delta? Let's celebrate a culture and a city and a regional society that will not be buried by water, neglect, shame, or bureaucracy.

Que viva New Orleans! Que viven todos que estan sobreviviendo el huracan Katrina!

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