Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Desahogate # 2 - Call for Submissions

Writers, Poets, Musicians, y Artists
We at In Tlilli, In Tlapalli Press recently completed the anthology Desahogate #1: Growing Up Xicana/o, which had over 40 contributors from throughout Tejas documenting our varying experiences growing up as Xicanas and Xicanos. We are seeking contributions for Desahogate #2, which will be themed “Amor y Pazion.”

Is your passion fighting for La Raza or other social/political causes that are personally or culturally significant? Do you love the sight of your family gathered around the table to enjoy a meal that reflects the amor and hard work you put into it?

Is your passion creating arte y música, dancing, playing sports or
customizing cars? Or do you have another interest that no one knows about and which you are ready to share with the world?

Last but not least, do you have a unique love story about a family member or a significant other?

We are a diverse Raza and would like this collection of stories from our community to reflect those amores y paziones that give meaning to our lives.

This is another step we are taking towards strengthening, and collecting stories from, nuestra comunidad. Desahogate #2 will again allow us to tell our own stories in our own estilo.

All are welcome to contribute, including youth, elders, unpublished and published writers. We accept essays, short stories, entrevistas, poemas, and comics, as well as photographs and other forms of arte. We are asking that submissions be completed as a Word-formatted document or another Microsoft-compatible word processing program, if possible. But we will accept handwritten or typed submissions, if needed. If you would prefer, we will also audio record your submission, with advance notice.

No sexist, homophobic, or racist submissions, por favor!

If you are able, please send a $5.00 donation for a copy of Desahogate #1: Growing Up Xicana/o. These funds will allow us to raise additional funds to publish our second issue.

**Donations not necessary to submit stories/poems.**

Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2006.

Please send your submission along with your name and return address:

In Tlilli, In Tlapalli Press
c/o Xicana Xicano Education Project or
PO Box 37105
San Antonio, TX 78237

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