Monday, January 30, 2006

Stencil artists - cut it out, send it in!

Call for participation: deadline February 1, 2006

Cut& Paint: A Stencil Template Zine #2

Once again, Josh MacPhee (author/artist of Stencil Pirates, Nicolas Lampert and Colin Matthes are putting together a zine of stencil templates. This time around they plan on scaling back the size of the zine a little (legal size folded, so 7" x 8.5"), but to make up for the shrinking size they hope to include a set of die-cut stencil templates with the zine. That's right, pre-cut stencils ready to use!

Like issue #1, most of the zine will be filled with some of the best and most exciting stencil templates out there (black and white stencil images that can be cut out and used), so they're looking for your best stencil template ideas. This time around they're also open to multi-color pieces, so if you are interested, send a clean black-and-white print of each layer, as well as a composite image. In addition, they would like to expand the rest of the zine, too. This means more in the how-to section, so send along any new tips you've got. They want photos of stencils from your area, particularly from places they usually don't hear from. They'll also be including some writing on stencils as well, so if you have any articles you've been working on that deal with stenciling, public space, politics, etc., feel free to submit them.

The specs, once again:
*All designs should be 7x8 inches.
*Templates should be clean sprays of stencils on clean white paper. Flat black paint is preferable. They'll be photocopying these templates, so keep the lines and edges as crisp as possible. In order to get a really clean print, you can spray little bit of spray-tack (like light spraymount) on the back of the stencil so it lays flat on the paper.
*No racist, sexist, homophobic designs. Also, they're really looking for smart and creative takes on what's going on in the world, not copied portraits of movie stars or Japanese robots. Keep it original.
* Stencils don't have to be hit-you-over-the-head political (i.e. Fuck Bush, although that's fine too), but they should be interesting to more than just you and your friends! The goal is to have stencil templates that other people will want to use.
*Feel free to submit more than one template design.
*Tell them if you want your template credited to a name, and if so, what name (and contact information if you want, i.e. website, email, address, etc.).
The best designs will be used for the die-cuts, so send in great stuff and they might make 1000 pre-cut copies of your stencil! They hope to keep the price at $5 or below, and distribute Cut & Paint #2 much further and wider than #1.

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