Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Poem #198 of 365

your subject line made
me tense up,
made me curious
and concerned.

this penetrates deep
and gives me pause.

it hurts to hear young people
hurting, though we all know
and must accept that human
life can be fraught with
dragging-down moments,
regardless of age or social context.

apparently, you have lost someone,
you're hurting moaning mourning...

i am sorry you are
i am glad you are

in that place of feeling
something deep
and uncontrollably

or so it seems in the moment.

most important, in that moment,
you are ALIVE, HUMAN, because
you have a heart.

your heart works!
celebrate that.

if you feel anything,
even if it's pain,
that shows you're alive & open
to the potential of your life.

put your hand on your heart,
and give it some thanks,
say "Hey heart, thanks for
feeling something,
thanks for beating
for me.
Now, please help
me feel something
different: calm, relief,
expansiveness, acceptance,
and help me become
curious about the next
moment, to love."

write again, soon,
lemme know how
you work through
the moment(s).

(letter to a young Lucha)

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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