Thursday, July 19, 2007

Poem #200 of 365

How can you delete Sekou?
How can you trash that file?

I’ve saved so many things
that have gone useless,
dead beyond dust.

Birthday ribbons, old holiday cards,
a cancelled stamp, a souvenir pen.

Ken, Devin, Michael,
you’re still in my yahoo
address book, and I cannot
bear to strike you off.

How can I push a key to erase
you like that, so thoughtless
and dismissive?

It will have to be accidental,
I'll have to be drunk on Shiner
or tequila shots, and I'll be
singing high-volume and
slightly off-key. I'll conjure
some chaos, so it appears

I'll hit delete and delete and delete.

Of course, in the hard drive of
my heart, you'll have permanent
folders. Forever to no end.

[Thinking of Sekou Sundiata who died yesterday. He was a poet-mentor of mine died and i am a bit out of it, i've just felt like drinking and listening to his cd over and over. I can't believe i will never see him again. He was in austin a few months ago, and i really really wanted to go see him/his show, but stupid scheduled crap here kept me from going. Now i'll always have that regret........]

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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