Monday, March 27, 2006

"El Chuco y La Che" - held over 'til April 1st

Rodney Garza is a compa and fellow performance artist, who i've known since back in the day (or days) of mid-to-late 1990s Austin. He was always working on some project on another, but always keeping the vibe and the flow muy suave, sin ansia--no worries, homie. He went on to create/found an active Chicano theater company whose name deliberately (so we think) yielded an acronym so dear to the corazon: Teatro Humanidad Cansada. Killer theater, dude. Funny, rascuache, and of the times, for sure.

Now, my home bro has launched his own one-vato show: "El Chuco y La Che", which no--is not about shoes or Che Guevara. It's not even about gang violence and overwrought "Hispanic" stereotypes. It's un estory, historia muy cute, somewhat enlightening (for those of you who lack Brown people in your worldview), and purty damn clever. You see, the "Che" that is paid tribute is the "ch" of the Spanglish/Spanish language. You may think it's one long extended pinche punche line, but you gotta hand it to Rodney for shaking down the Spanglish dictionary to the chones to reap finely-rendered wordplay. I say, lay down your plumas y pencils, Raza. My man Garza done wrote the book on the "C-H", so charpen your Chicano/a poeta tongue on some other letra, y ya.

Chale, chulo, get cho butt down to the Latino Cultural Center this weekend to check out this churefire hit. For more infos, click here.

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