Thursday, March 09, 2006

XX Communicator is now 365 days old

I started this thing on International Women's Day last year--March 8th, 2005--and now look where it's gotten me. I am infrequent poster, so i might be called blogger imposter. I had the best intentions of being daily wit you, but being the typical Libra omni-where omnivore, I get distracted by other wants and whims.

I am, however, consistently a romantic (or romanticizing) dreamer.

International Women's Day 06 seemed to have passed without fanfare or incident. In the past, I have spent the day conviving with broads, chicks, womyn, cunts, and grrls--in performance, on the air, around pitchers and bottles of brew. One IWD, I performed at Stubb's BBQ in Austin--with a fistful of drink tickets in my future--with my all-girl spoken word group YONIVERSE. I'd asked cook and baker extraordinaire Julia Apodaca to do a cake for the show, and she showed up with the most beautiful baked depiction of a vaginal orgasm as anyone has likely seen. (It featured one long sparkler jutting out from the purple and pink "vag", which we ceremoniously lit to the gleeful whoops and hollers of all witnessing congregants.)

Last year, I did something at the Dog--women spoken word and performance. But this year, it was a day for gathering niece and feeding her and reassuring her sweet broken heart. It was a day for videotaping for an activist training session. It was a day for mellow crying and wishing the rain would hurry to join my tears. It was a no-yoga day. It was a listen (closely) to the first of a 4-cd collection of Quincy Jones tunes. It was a watch "Before Sunset" in its entirety even though I walked out of "Before Sunrise" due to sheer boredom and irritation, back in the 90s. Something is different this year. I am still a woman and desire to commemorate International Women's Day. Perhaps, in 06, I was supposed to commemorate by just merely being a woman.

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