Friday, March 10, 2006

Who's watching the watchers?

[My fellow poet-comrade, Maggie Jochild, sent the following. Saludos, Maggie!]

Hey, friends -- I encourage you all to make use of the Freedom of Information Act (while it still exists) to request any files that may have been gathered on you -- even if you can't imagine this would have been done (under this administration, it pays to imagine the worst). Go to this link sponsored by PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN WAY to start the process. If enough of us do this, it will surely send a strong message that we are not just going to lie down and let them steamroll our civil rights. And pass this on to everyone you can. I'll let you know when I get an answer; I hope you'll do the same. -- Maggie Jochild

Part of what the link says:

"Make an FOIA Request

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), anyone has the right to request information from the government. Last strengthened by Congress in response to the Watergate scandal, FOIA gives citizens a way to demand transparency from the Administration -- and take the government to court if necessary.

Many Americans -- especially those with family and friends abroad -- are wondering whether government agents have been listening to their phone conversations or reading their email. If you're worried this has happened to you, you can use this site to help you find out.

We can't guarantee that the Bush administration will disclose all this information in compliance with the law, but we can help you through the process. By filing a FOIA request, you will send a strong signal that American citizens believe in the rule of law and aren't afraid to stand up to the President when he violates the Constitution!"

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