Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nombre, Hombre

I often amuse myself by giving my cat (officially known as "grace"--named by my niece) names of the day. Tonight, she has become DESPERADO WITH FUR. Frequently, she becomes MONSTER MADNESS (like when she's chasing her tail or chewing on the corners of stacks of FW Weekly issues that i keep thinking i might actually wanna read sometime). I am amazed by my predilection for quick-name changes for my animal. I myself have taken on various tags or handles, depending on circumstance, mood, or public context. So far, i've been known variously as TEJANA TONGUE, TAMMYGOMEXICAN (which is the creative half of my yahoo email address), SUNLIT DOORWAY, and POCKET POET (thanks for that one, i guess, Enrique...). When i performed with star-spoken word performers Paul Flores (of Los Delicados---yes, named after the unfiltered Mexican cigarettes) and Marc Bamuthi Joseph aka Seeking) up in Madison a few years ago, they recommended that i take on some firecracker stage name. (I guess they thought Tammy Gomez is too staid or Nancy Drew for me...) Hmmm, i thought on this, and came up with a maybe future star handle of RELAMPAGOMEZ (which is a blend of the Spanish word for "lightning" and my last name). One can fantasize.

I remember the names me and my sister would give our fake Barbie dolls when we were kids. We let those dolls exemplify our imagined glamour life personas, becoming "Roxanne" and "Monique," and other queer-consonant-ed gold lame' names.

What have you nicknamed your kitty tonight?

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