Saturday, March 24, 2007

Last day to see "The Journey is the Destination" exhibit in FW


Fort Worth Community Arts Center
(the old Modern Art Museum)
1300 Gendy Street, 76107

9am to 5pm ONLY! Today is the last day to catch it!

"Dan Eldon was a world traveler who chronicled his life in a series of journals crammed with the ephemera of his adventures. By age 22, he had traveled to more than 40 countries and become one of the youngest Reuters news photographers ever. Just shy of his twenty-third birthday, he and three colleagues were stoned and beaten to death by an angry mob (who mistook them for Americans, actually, cuz this happened shortly after the "Black Hawk down" incident) in Mogadishu, Somalia. His journals and photographs testify to his prolific, boundless, energy and his love of Africa and her people."

Go see this today! Or go find the amazing documentary book Eldon wrote: THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION.


The Stash Dauber said...

i really hope my aimee got to see this...eldon was one of her guys. pert inspahring, actually -- actually going to africa and doing the gruntwork for an ngo when he and his sister were teens, etc.

terrible way to die, but at least he really lived while he was here...

a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

He lived in 22 years more than some folks live in 4 decades: with curiosity and a sense of adventure, and an overriding urge to be the foreigner among natives. Been a fan of Eldon's since a fellow traveler friend of mine showed me his JOURNEY book (published journal) back in '98. Right before I went to Nepal.

At the Arts Center here, as I rushed in to catch his exhibit, I was met with gallery workers dismantling all the stuff. I was crushed, but one kind guy told me he'd give me a few minutes to check out what still hung on the wall. Basically, these were large-sized version of colorplates from the book. What REALLY grabbed me was the plain little plexiglass box in which were enclosed some of Dan's closest possessions: light meter, some tubes of acrylic paint, a 35 mm camera with a beat-up lens casing,
a small dagger (ghurka-style), and some pieces of artists' charcoal. That's when I choked up....