Saturday, March 17, 2007

Poem #76 of 365


on days like today---it's gorgeously sunny
and NOT too cold---i get so angry seeing
drivers with their windows rolled up. i have
to assume that many of them have the a/c
or heat on.

those young frat Greek types, who live in
shorts and flipflops year-round, you can
imagine that they move from their perfectly
climate-controlled condo/apartments through
their heated/cooled garages and into an
automobile which can be quickly adjusted
for perfect temperature. they don't wear
coats or socks, and live in a constant
70 degree-temperature bubble.

they don't sweat, they don't shiver, i imagine.
evolutionarily speaking, they're becoming

and then one day, they might decide to go
summit a mountain in a far-off state, where
even the dumbest of the locals know that
you NEVER attempt to climb that particular
mountain after November snows begin. but
what do they know, they're swaggering
Texans who forget that it's NATURE that
calls the shots.

there's a quote i've saved from my first trip
to Nepal:

about the mountain---learn to honor its
way, or it will have its way with you.


copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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