Saturday, March 31, 2007

Poem #90 of 365

I was excited to finish my reading to see
what the next place held. Cesar scooped me up
and walked me TWO TON for spell of wine and film,
good talk with new folks.

Met his middle school old friends, and sat languidly
learning the scene. Anna over paneer
had spoken of la Mago (Orona Gándara),
the elder-artist who let go of family to live
amidst clay, stone, and tile, making pictures
in the desert. That's the film that passed
over my eyes as Cesar touched my knee
and said, "That's you, Tammy."

When the lights went up for applause, a band
of young urban artists stood in good stead,
showing me the range of their cinemelodies--
all pretty good films.

Cime smothered with hugs the likes of which
he'd never offered in Big D, I guess he's more
affable and fuzzy in the EP. Yolanda leaned
in, herself a new transplant, I feel so multi-
national, multi-city at once.

I never want to kick this dust off my shoes.

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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