Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Poem #128 of 365

Precisely, she voiced the songs
she'd heard in her dreams,
the yodeling songs of the hills.

A sheep-herding little lass,
that's what she dreamt she was.

A Heidi with black hair,
sleeping a new quiet life,
with a concomitant suitable song.

Yo, the lady.
Yo, the lady.

In a soft bonnet and laced
up dress, she was the picture
of childhood innocence.

And the latest, last thing
I would expect to hear is
the sound of the Amber alert.

Another girl done gone.
Another young lady laid out.
Yo, the lady.

Just keep to the mountains,
and watch for the wolves,
reminds the Heidi girl.

Stay hidden in the hills,
don't even come down for
supper, don't sing
for nuthin' or they'll hear
where to find you.

And unlace your sweet vest
and pull up your skirt,
as the bell tolls and
highway signs announce
another Amber alert.

Yo, the lady.

No, we don't laugh.

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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