Monday, May 21, 2007

Poem #141 of 365

Karen, you pushed on me
and dug into my shoulders,
pulled my hair in thick tufts
between your fists, and it
was the most beautiful
cathartic full-contact fight.

I surrendered completely to
your masterful cues, crouching
in the child's pose and rising
for other salutes to my suffering
physique. Every word spoken
touched something, shifted soft
tissue, and I confessed my short
comings with long moaning breaths.

You analyzed the problem in
the soma and told me to get out
of my head and revisit my body
at least once in a while.

Yes, too, you determined that I
have been pushing too long
and too hard, for ambition is the
car that we think we must drive.

And Judy was there, watching and
laughing, at some point when she
teased, I yelled to shut up. Karen
could tell this was part of my purging,
and both of these women tolerated
me total.

Oh, now I am stretched out in relief.
Blessed breath, elongated wisdom.
Thank you poet-muses, Karen & Judy,
merciful, merciful friends.

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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