Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poem #144 of 365

In the distance I
saw 4 young elephants

They passed the hill
to walk towards me

Their skin was blue
painted ever so lightly

I wondered who, what painter
could have reached so high

They had followed my footprints
and could smell my scent

I watched to see what
they might do next

My tent was anchored
in the deep hot sand

They would be welcomed
if they came as friends

When they spoke it shocked me
I never knew that

4 young elephants
could speak with grace:

We are four young wishes
we must grant to you.

I did not believe them
it seemed untrue

I want it to rain then,
demanded I

With a laugh I waited
for nothing to change

Instead the clouds broke
upon my head

I dashed for cover
for 40 days

The sand became mud
and my tent was soaked

I looked at the elephants
only three were there

It was all too much
The rain was a plague

The three who were left
stood stoic and blue

And reminded me of
three wishes to make

I wished it to stop
for all rains to stop

Impatient was I for
my tent to be dry

And before I could blink
I saw two elephants now

The one who just vanished
left drought in his wake

The land became dust
and I shriveled with it

The sun did its part
to parch us with heat

I hungered for drink
and wanted the rain

But recalled my luck
the first time that I wished

With caution I spoke
no fool would I be

My words would be chosen
with prudence and thought

For wishes last long
and can turn out all wrong

If one does not pause
with internal debate

And so when I spoke
it was careful and slow

I said make things go
the way of before

I want life the same
as before you came

My wish is for things to
be the same and for nothing

for nothing ever to change

And for my last wish
the final elephant blue:

I want you to leave
just vanish and go

I wish to never see
another elephant like you

And so, just like that
no blue elephants now

The landscape is vast
but those wishes are gone

and things are the same
no river, no rain, no
drought and no plague

but instead of relief and joy
my mind is clogged and vague

for i have killed a species
because i thought it easier
to not have to think of
the consequences of my choices

I’m drunk with prayer
and yet change won’t come
and yet nothing
no change at all

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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Wow, I really do like reading this!