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Call for Papers and Presentation Proposals: New Destinations in Oral History

Deadline is TODAY, Friday, November 7th - sorry for the late notice.

2009 Southwest Oral History Association Annual Meeting
Co-sponsored by USC LIBRARIES/Special Collections/"LA As Subject"
Doheny Memorial Library – USC & California African American Museum

“New Destinations in Oral History”
March 27-29, 2009

The Southwest Oral History Association in partnership with LA as Subject at USC and the California African American Museum invites proposals for papers/presentations for its 2009 annual meeting “New Destinations in Oral History,” to be held March 27-29 in Los Angeles. As the entertainment capital of the world and an important historical nexus, Los Angeles is an ideal place to explore the intersection of oral history, music, and other media from films to migration stories--to oral history in new technologies and spaces--to oral history as social networks. The conference program committee hopes to bring together oral historians, performing artists, filmmakers, scholars, students and other practitioners in a multi-disciplinary, multi-format conference that will highlight the multiplicity of work centered around oral history, entertainment, music and performance. Paper topics and sessions may deal with any aspect of oral history work including interviewing, processing, digital and archival collection methods, and the use of oral history in publications, exhibits, films, and readers’ theatre.

We encourage submissions from the Southwestern states represented in our organization: Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico and the U.S./Mexico border regions, as well as those outside the area researching southwestern topics using oral history methodology. The program committee invites proposals from oral history practitioners in a wide variety of disciplines including the humanities, social sciences and applied sciences. We hope to address how oral history is being used by academic and community scholars, museums, historical societies, libraries, teachers, independent researchers, and filmmakers. We are seeking a variety of sessions representing oral history work being conducted through traditional and non-traditional methods in the classroom, community, public and media settings. We would especially like to see proposals describing technology and innovative media, as well as proposals in International languages (note: SOHA can only accommodate a limited number of languages. If you submit a proposal for a panel/ roundtable in a language other than English, please be prepared to provide translation services).

General Information

Submission copies: All applicants must submit one copy of their proposal via email and one paper copy via snail mail at the address listed below. Please include a two sentence abstract and a two sentence biography with your e-mail submission.
Time segments: Plan for a 90 minute session with 5-10 minutes for introductions, 15-20 minutes for each presentation depending on number of participants, and 20-30 minutes for comments and discussion.
Submission descriptions: Include title and one page description of your presentation.
Resumes or CVs: No longer than one page.
Contact Information: Include name, address, affiliation (if any), phones, and email.

Registration: All participants must register and pay the registration fees. A few scholarships and awards are available. Check the web site at

Panel Submissions: Submit panel title, and titles of individual papers. We suggest limiting presentations to three people plus the moderator. Presenters usually prepare papers/presentations and submit papers or summaries to the moderator in advance. Please include biographies of all presenters.
Roundtable Submissions: Submit panel title; a one page description of the panel discussion, and topics of individual presenters. Roundtables usually include 3-5 presenters, and a moderator/or commentator. A roundtable is a more informal approach, often with discussions going back and forth among the presenters during the presentation. Please include biographies of all presenters.
Single paper/presentation: Individual papers/presentations may be submitted. The program committee will compose sessions under shared themes for individual papers/presentations.
Creative Non-traditional proposals: These may involve music, drama or readers’ theatre, films, poster sessions or other creative means of presenting oral history projects. Please include biographies of all presenters.

Equipment Needs: Please state equipment needs. Participants may need to provide their own AV. SOHA will try to accommodate equipment requests but we cannot guarantee equipment.

Deadline: November 7, 2008
E-mail 1 electronic copy to:
(E-mail confirmation will be sent upon receipt)
Miguel Juárez, MLS, Program Chair
If you have questions, call Miguel Juárez, SOHA ’09 Conference Chair at: 310-709-4608.

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